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Paul book coverNo. 1 – Paul – the Only Apostle God Sent to us Gentiles

In this little book you will learn how it was when God engaged Paul to go to us Gentiles, with the free grace gospel. You can only find his gospel to the Church in Ephesians and Colossians. These letters have no doctrine of The New Covenant to Israel, nor any Mosaic commandments or ordinances to keep. No covenant, only the free grace gift of God.

NOTE: This book can also be read directly on this site. Just click on the category where the book is presented!

God does not work healing COVERNo. 2 God Does Not Work Healing Miracles in the Church Dispensation

Did you know that promises of miracles and healings were made by Jesus, only to His Jewish New Covenant believers? Mark’s gospel 16:17, 18 has a lot of such promises, but the Church dispensation was not yet established, so those promises cannot ever have been for the Church! The Church emerged with the revelation given to Paul for us Gentiles, Eph 3:1-9. That was 30 years later than when Jesus gave His promises to His followers before ascending to heaven.

God Paul and the Gentiles COVERNo. 3 – God, Paul and the Gentiles

Learn how to distinguish between the different kind of gentiles and other believers in the Bible. This will give you a much clearer understanding of what exactly the Church is. This topic is not often taught from the pulpits!

Antichrist of the Bible COVERNo. 4 – The Anti-Christ of the Bible

There are a lot of books and websites out there, filled with the most fantastic inventive speculations on Anti-Christ. But Jan Lilleby has made a book lined up according to the Bible. Lots of References. This cruel future false Messiah coming to Israel, is in no way going to rule the entire world. That is heresy. Only the Zionist-Israel is the Place for his false reign.

Moses and elijah coming with the day of vengeance COVERNo. 5 – Moses and Elijah Coming With the Day of Vengeance

This book is exactly what a Christian need, in order to be able to get the Revelation book right! If we are not having the two witnesses in Rev 11 in focus, we will miss a lot of important points. Jan Lilleby gives you a teriffic and correct view of the Great Tribulation, and how this will influence on Israel and on the world. This tribulation will first punish the Zionist-Israel for her ungodliness, but thereafter God shall raise up the nation – the small remnant – to become His nation on Earth, sat above all other nations and with Jesus as their Messiah King.

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