Can It Be the Apophis Asteroid?

Revelation 8:8:

“The second angel blew his trumpet,

and something resembling a great mountain,

blazing with fire, was hurled into the sea”


Can this be the asteroid which NASA has kept an

eye on​​ since it was discovered in 2004 – naming it


By Jan Lilleby


God gave John several​​ strong​​ intense​​ visions of​​ future events,​​ when he​​ was in a stone quarry at Patmos; the island right on the coast of Turkey.

Things, which​​ -​​ when it occurs, turns into disasters and catastrophes on earth. The book of Revelation reveals a long list of such disastrous events on earth – in Israel, that is​​ ​​ and in connection to God’s calling up of Israel to get her back to Himself as a nation.

In Biblical terminology we call this period​​ with disasters, signs and plagues in Israel, for​​ “The Great Tribulation”.​​ This tribulation will go on for 7 years, ending with the second coming of Jesus Christ in Israel. He will come to establish the long prophesied millennial Kingdom, in which He shall rule from Zion as their King of kings, Lord​​ of lords. ​​ Jer. 30:7 calls these​​ 7 years for​​ “the time of Jacobs trouble”. ​​​​ 

Asteroids are just one of the elements​​ involved in the disasters to happen. And in this article the focus will stay on these.​​ Revelation tells us one shall fall on Israel’s​​ mainland, one falls into the Mediterranean Ocean and a third will​​ burst into burning fragments,​​ when it hits our atmosphere​​ and​​ rain down on the rivers and lakes, poisoning them so people will die.

Not long ago, NASA in Houston declared in public a happy message: It looks like the huge asteroid ‘Apophis’ (it has a diameter of 340 meters, and hold a speed of​​ over four times the speed of sound, if breaking through our atmosphere) will not threaten the earth! They have calculated pretty accurately that it will pass the earth in 2029 at a distance of 32000 kilometers, on Friday​​ April the​​ 13th.​​ The next time it will pass, will be in 2036 – at a distance of 14 million kilometers, and in 2068 it will pass again​​ (unless God let it smash asunder into the Mediterranean in 2036!).

The NASA message is that the earth will be safe​​ from such asteroids at least for the next 100 years.​​ However, be warned that NASA has a list called​​ ‘Sentry Impact Risk Table’​​ which is keeping tracks of​​ 21 asteroids​​ out there.​​ 

Should the asteroid Apophis hit earth, it will cause an explosion at impact, with a force equal to a 508 Mega Ton atomic bomb! This is 28 000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb in 1945.

The Bible texts I have quoted above say furthermore that one third of the ocean turned to blood, and​​ a third of its animal life​​ died. And a third of the ships at sea were destroyed and sunk. I cannot help​​ myself​​ but for​​ to imagine an enormous tsunami wave – maybe 40 – 50 meters tall, speeding across the sea eastward hitting the shores of mainly Israel, even causing great damages on the Turkish coast​​ to the north,​​ and on the African coast to the south. Haifa and Tel Aviv will be ruined totally. ​​ Such a burning asteroid, called​​ a ‘Burning Mountain’ in Rev. 8:8 – will hit the sea surface in around 25-30 degrees in a forward movement. But as it will land in the inner eastern part of the ocean, the damages are guaranteed to cause the​​ worst disaster​​ ever​​ on the Israeli coastline. Astronomers report that it comes across the sky from east toward west, though.

The middle-depth of the Mediterranean is slightly above 1400 meters. Right outside the Greek Peloponnese peninsula​​ we find the​​ deepest place in the ocean, at around 5.600 meters. The depth at the estimated point of impact (see image below) – which I have found to be halfway between Crete to the west and​​ Cyprus to the east, and midways between the Turkish and the Egyptian coasts, the depth is around​​ 2000 meters. This part of the ocean​​ is named the Levantin Basin.​​ 

On the Turkish coast to​​ the north it will be​​ the cities Uzumlu, Kas, Demre, Finike, Kumluka, and the well-known tourist holiday​​ resort Antalya which will be within the danger-zone of being destroyed.​​ 

And on the Egyptian coast to the south, we find the Nile River delta with the big city of Alexandria on its west side, and Port Said at the very beginning of the Nile and the Suez Canal.​​ The resort island of Rhodos is also well into the danger-zone! The distance between the north and the south shores​​ measured between Alexandria and Finike,​​ is around 600 km, which will mean that these shores are 300 kilometers from impact point. If it was not for the fact that the asteroid will hit​​ water which is 2000 meters deep, the explosion wood have set fire to both sides of Mediterranean as well as coastline of Israel.​​ But the impact will cause enormous tsunamis, plus a gigantic wave of​​ explosive effects​​ as the air will be like as if it was a nuclear bomb. But fire-effects will be drowned in the ocean.

I am sorry to let you Turkish and Egyptian readers getting​​ scared and​​ worried over this​​ futuristic​​ Bible information. Maybe God Almighty will see to it that you – when 2036​​ AD​​ is on the calendar – will find​​ refuge by evacuation​​ of these shores? I sincerely hope so! ​​ This disaster described in Revelation 8 is in no way meant for Turkey, or Greece, or Egypt, or any other nation – it is meant to hit Israel.​​ I am also sorry for them, even if the fact is that they can thank themselves for this, as​​ they have blasphemed Jesus Christ for centuries.​​ It will be the Great Tribulation​​ which was prophesied by Jesus in Mat. 24.​​ But everybody can understand that such disasters will also mean collateral damages. Sorry to say.

Jesus prophesied​​ also​​ of the​​ special​​ event with asteroids in Rev. 8 - in Luke 21:25, 26,​​ Amplified Bible,​​ -​​ 

And there will be signs in the sun and moon and stars ; and upon the earth there will be distress (trouble and anguish) of nations in bewilderment and perplexity (without resources, left wanting, embarrassed, in doubt, not knowing which way to turn)​​ at the roaring of the tossing of the sea. ​​ - ​​ - ​​ Men swooning away or expiring with fear and dread and apprehension and expectation of the things that are coming on the world; for the very powers of the heavens will be shaken and caused to totter.”

What happens is – like Jesus told them – that such disasters as flood waves (tsunamis)​​ of immense dimensions​​ are caused by​​ powers up in space being shaken​​ – that is,​​ asteroids turning out of their natural orbits…and heading for earth!​​ God shall make these three asteroids mentioned in Rev. 8 change their natural​​ orbits, and eventually have those​​ hit the earth. He has no problems ‘shaking’ these asteroids​​ to change their direction, He Who once created the whole universe, I am sure!

In these regards I have published a Word-book some time ago called​​ “Moses and Elijah Are Coming With the Day of Vengeance”​​ – and you can have it sent to you free of charge. Just email me. In it I explain by Biblical proof how it is that the distasters and signs and plagues in Revelation, will first be prophesied by them before Israel, so they have a fair warning, and then the disaster will hit them. Rev. 11 says​​ that these two prophets shall prophesy in 1260 days – dressed in sackcloth. The 1260 days is the first half of the tribulation period of 3 ½ years. The prophets appear in Israel from ‘Day One’.​​ 

Knowing that Israel’s people​​ will be warned off​​ by the two prophets, makes it more easy to understand what Jesus talked about in Luke 21: They will all be​​ taken with fear and dread and shivering expectation of what would come upon them, since the prophets​​ will first have warned them​​ and urged them to find shelter quickly! And let us also keep in mind that the two prophets also have the distress upon them, and must find shelter before these things happen.

When Moses prophesied of the vast plagues to hit Egypt under Pharaoh​​ Ramses II, he gave them a fair warning of 24 hours, so they could take precautions and take cover under roofs. He said,​​ Tomorrow at this time of day, those who are out on the fields must find refuge, for if they are out of doors they will surely perish.

Moses talked of both man and beast. And this is how it will be during the Great Tribulation in Israel, when the Lord shall send ‘Egyptian plagues’ (see Deu. 28:58-62) against Israel because they have for centuries blasphemed the holy name of the Lord (Jesus Christ) and despised Him (see Ezek. 36:23). And none of these things will happen, if not​​ first​​ these two prophets​​ stand forth to warn Israel.

The two prophets shall cast plagues on them which “..are not written in the Book of Law..” – (Deu. 28:61) – but these plagues are written in Revelation!

Just before the asteroid which falls in the ocean, there will fall an asteroid over the Israeli mainland – causing a huge rain of glowing stones hitting,

Rev. 8:7,

The first angel blew his trumpet, and there was a storm of hail and fire mingled with blood cast upon the earth. And a third part of the earth (read: Soil) was burned up and a third of the trees was burned up and all the green grass was burned up.”

The nation of Israel will be scared off their wits and taken with blind panic. Also, I am sure that nations around the world will be cast into great fear when they get such​​ horrible news on their TV-screens.​​ ‘It happened in Israel, - what now – will asteroids fall on us and our cities?? ​​ What shall we do???’

When the third asteroid come​​ shooting through our atmosphere, something very scaring happens, it is​​ dissolved​​ into thousands and thousands of poisonous fragments,

Rev. 8:10, 11,

“The third angel blew his trumpet, and a​​ huge star​​ fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it dropped on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water – and the name of the star is ‘Wormwood’. - ​​ A third part of the waters was changed into wormwood, and many people died from​​ using the water, because it had become bitter.”

There are no written records of such calamity, whether Biblical or otherwise, in the whole of the world history​​ prior to Revelation. This will be unique and outstanding…the whole world will be​​ stricken with unspeakable fear and awe​​ over what falls upon Israel! ​​ And it will dawn on the world that it must be the​​ wrath of the Lord​​ against the ungodly blasphemers, the fallen Jesus-hating Israel, that are now being stricken by the Lords interventions. Ezek. 36:23 says so.

The Lord’s lecturing of Job

The Lord, in His stern speech to His servant Job, lectured him on​​ some of what I have mentioned in this article​​ – the fact that He, long before it happens, already has​​ arranged things​​ so that it will come quickly handy whenever God shall send judgement upon evildoers, Job 38:22, 23,

“Have you entered the treasuries of the snow, or have you seen the treasuries of the hail. - - Which I have​​ reserved for the time of trouble,​​ for the day​​ of battle and war?

And regarding planets and asteroids/meteors, God has full account of those as well, Job 38:31-33, 36, ​​​​ - God still lecturing Job,

“Can you bind the chains of (the cluster of stars called) Pleiades, or loose the cords of (the constellation) Orion. ​​ - ​​ - Can you lead forth the signs of the Zodiac in their season? Or can you guide (the stars of the) Bear with her young? - ​​ - ​​ Do you know the​​ ordinances of the heavens?​​ Can you establish their rule upon the earth? ​​ - ​​ - Who has put wisdom​​ in the inward parts (or in the dark clouds)? Or who has given understanding to the mind​​ (or to the meteor)?”

The Apophis asteroid

The very name the astronomers gave it – Apophis – is from Greek religion. It actually means​​ ‘to slither’​​ – you know…like when snakes crawling ahead on the ground. It derives from the Egyptian god​​ Apopa, which was a snake or dragon like reptile. A monster which symbolized the evil and destructive. Old Egyptian images from excavations, display this monster in various ways. Check out the​​ internet if you want to have a look.

Perhaps will the NASA astronomers​​ call that asteroid in Rev. 8: 10-11 for the very same as already written – ‘Wormwood’ the day their telescopes discover the huge asteroid? ​​ It remains to be seen.​​ Scientists have found out that the​​ Apophis contains vast quantities of Iron and of Nickel.​​ It should be a relevant task for them to identify an asteroid which is poisonous like this one in Rev. 8:10-11. If NASA has the resources to have some qualified staff check the asteroids, as quickly as possible, - I will recommend it. NASA, can you take this challenge?

It is no big news in history that God Almighty, sending doom and destruction, has been​​ using elements from outer space, asteroids and meteorites. He had a great​​ burst​​ of stones rain down on the Amalekites’ army​​ when Joshua came after them. They were all killed, but none of Joshua’s army was.​​ 

God let fire and brimstone fall on Sodom and Gomorrah burning the two cities on the plain near the Dead Sea, to ashes. This was due to an asteroid which​​ dissolved hitting our atmosphere…and falling as glowingly blazing hot fire by thousands and thousands of tons, killing everyone in these cities, faster than you can say​​ …What!!

I have already said what will happen, seen from God’s side of it, but I can repeat this: God in His power and might​​ make the asteroids go out of their natural orbits,​​ He gives them a ‘Punch’ and alter their direction to have them hit the earth – and the target is Israel, the blaspheming Jesus-hating ungodly Israel.​​ 

NASA and Their Astronomers

The astronomers of NASA who have followed the Apophis asteroid and others, can be calm and certain of their calculation being correct.​​ They have published the news of the asteroid passing by earth in 2029 at a distance of 32 000 kilometers, on the 13th​​ of April – and yes, it will be visible on the night sky in the Eastern hemisphere.​​ And in 2036 it passes again, and then it will be 14 mill kilometers away. Not so threatening.

But NASA will be​​ shocked and astonished​​ the same day as God alters their direction! ​​ Because that is what will happen, I can assure you.

God has the ability and the power to alter this, as I have told above. We do not know for sure​​ if​​ He will pick the Apophis for His purposes – I just wanted to use that​​ particular asteroid​​ as an example, since it is the only one passing so near earth.

It is NOT like God can just ‘Pick-and-choose freely’​​ -​​ pick​​ from a Galaxy​​ far away and knock the asteroid over into our solar-system over night​​ – no, He will go for the asteroids or meteorites​​ already seen not too far off​​ our planet earth.​​ 

And why is that?

Because He, the All-Knowing God of the Heavens, the Father of Christ,​​ - and I already mentioned some of this above -​​ several millions of years ago​​ saw the future​​ – and thus these things, God’s weapon arsenal,​​ are already ‘In place’ – ready to be used on short notice. I also think that He purposely let these asteroids​​ be​​ discovered by our astronomers, as a ‘Heads-Up’ hint early on, so​​ that we are aware of these things and will not be taken by utter surprise.

Thank you NASA – you are my heroes, you are right smack​​ in the​​ middle of​​ the position where​​ God Almighty will have you placed. Carry on your good work!

The asteroid Apophis (and a few others, check internet) can be one of those asteroids which will be​​ picked​​ by God and sent down to earth.

If you read my article​​ “Daniel’s Seventy Weeks”​​ – I explain there that it might be a chance that the tribulation in Israel, the 7 years which Jesus spoke of in Mat. 24, same as the Seventieth Year Week in Dan. 9, will start around 2034​​ AD​​ and end in 2041.

Actually, the asteroid may​​ already​​ have been picked by God, and His hand may already have ‘Installed’ an adjustment-factor regarding its orbit, and it is called the​​ “Yarkovsky Effect”​​ in astronomer’s circles! ​​ He found out that heat-rays from the Sun are influencing the asteroid’s orbit. Not very much, but maybe enough to have it come down, for instance in 2036.

That falls in with the fact that Apophis will be​​ 14 mill kilometers from earth​​ in 2036,​​ two years​​ into​​ the tribulation​​ which​​ is raging.​​ Yarkovsky effect may alter these 14 mill kilometers substantially, but it will be a small matter for the Lord to have the asteroid change its orbit,​​ if​​ not the Yarkovsky effect is​​ enough,​​ and falling into the eastern part of the Mediterranean Ocean, as seen in Rev. 8:8.​​ We cannot know for certain.​​ 

Only time will show – and NASA will continue to keep a sharp eye on not only Apophis, but every asteroid closing in on earth!