Daniel 9:24 and the Year Weeks:
Gabriel’s Lecturing of Daniel is
Pointing to the Millennia


Daniel 9:24 and the Year Weeks:

Gabriel’s Lecturing of Daniel is

Pointing to the Millennia

By Jan Lilleby


If one first have started to unwind such a topic as the Year Weeks in Daniel 9, it is not so easy to step on the brake pedal.

In Dan. 9:24 we find Gabriel giving Daniel a prophetic review in a rather shortened concentrated version on the future of Israel. The verse ends with Gabriel’s mention of the new Holy of Holies​​ in the new millennial temple being anointed. This shall happen at the Second Advent. ​​ Image:​​ Daniel unharmed in the lions den.

Let us look at the verse step by step. ​​​​ Amplified Bible,

“Seventy weeks (of years, or 490 years) are decreed upon your people and upon your holy city (Jerusalem), to finish and put an end to transgression, to seal up and make full the measure of sin, to purge away and make expiation and reconciliation for sin, to bring in everlasting righteousness (permanent moral and spiritual rectitude in every area and relation), to seal up vision and prophecy and prophet,​​ and to anoint a Holy of Holies.”

Seventy year weeks is same as 490 Jewish calendar years. But we know from the verses 25 and 26 that the row of details in prophecy ends with the 69th​​ year week (483 years) – and counting from king Cyrus the Great, the king of Persia in his first year (456 BC) declared the edict of the freedom for all Jews, to go home to Israel; thus we get the year of 28 AD – the year that Jesus was crucified (Dan. 9:26​​ …shall the Anointed One be cut off or killed…).​​ Then I have included the five years which the Catholic Church manipulated off. Jesus was about to reach 33 years of age in 28 AD, namely in September, NOT December.

The seventieth​​ year week has not started yet, as I write this article. But in that final year week Israel shall be brought back to God as a nation for Him, a position​​ they lost when they refused to listen to Paul in Rome, Acts 28:25-31.​​ They fell away from God after the apostles had used over thirty years to try to have the nation repent.​​ They started at Pentecost in 28 AD, when Peter, James and John were the leaders; later on Paul was given the leadership as he went to the Provinces outside Israel, to reach the Jews in the diaspora.

It is that falling away from God, which happened when Paul met with the Sanhedrin at Rome in 60 – 62 AD, that shall​​ be​​ sealed up and made full the measure of sin…God shall forgive Israel her national sin of having rejected Jesus for almost two thousand years. And this will happen due to the purging within that Great Tribulation to come. Israel will be chastised and cleansed.

Zec. 13:8 predicting one third of the population shall be saved, and two thirds will perish. The latter will not repent and receive Jesus Christ.

To bring in everlasting righteousness​​ said Gabriel – which means that Israel can be saved because of Jesus having died for them that day in Passover 28 AD. He is the Lamb of God who took upon Him all the sin and transgression.

They refused the apostles – but as they go through the Great Tribulation, they will finally come to faith. At least​​ one third​​ of them will, says Scripture.

The Book of Acts is the story of Israel’s falling away from God, and not of their salvation. I hope you are aware of that Biblical fact…? ​​ Acts 28:28,

So let it be understood by you then that (this message of) the salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen to it.” (They will receive it)​​ as opposed to the Jews – who rejected Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately several of the Christian denominations in modern time have in error thought (and therefore preached it) that the mentioned​​ falling away​​ is a fall which will happen to the Christian church! ​​ That is how wrong you can be if one ignores studies in the Bible, rightly divided.

That fall has already occurred, and it was Israel that fell, NOT the church. The Church/Body of Christ​​ came as a consequence of the fall of Israel. Because of that fall, God revealed His Mystery to Paul, the dispensation of the Church and the free grace Gospel (Eph. 3:1-9).

Our Gospel according to Paul​​ is an international Gospel for the whole world to believe on. But the​​ gospel in the times of the Acts​​ was a​​ gospel only regarding the earthly millennial kingdom in​​ Israel.​​ It had nothing to do with the Church.

This new​​ Grace Gospel given Paul for us​​ can only be found in the Epistles​​ to the Ephesians and to the Colossians. The Gospel is weaved into these Epistles and we read it as a​​ summary of what Paul taught in them.

Paul’s doctrine of faith for the Church dispensation​​ was already spread widely into the civilized world, the early Christianity by Paul and his staff of helpers​​ long before the four Gospels​​ had​​ been issued and could be bought and read.

Matthew came in 80 AD, Luke was published at the earliest, 62 AD but most scholars say 73 AD. Mark came in 83 AD and John a few years later. So, Paul’s Grace Gospel according to his doctrine in Ephesians and Colossians were a​​ dominant factor, several years before anyone could read any of the four Gospel stories. These stories were NEVER meant to be faith doctrine to the Church dispensation. Can you get this, all you pastors and preachers out there?

Gabriel’s expression –​​ to seal up vision and prophecy and prophet –​​ has to do with the fact​​ that by the​​ fulfillment of the different prophesies on Jesus, His birth, His ministry and miracle healings, His crucifixion, His resurrection, His ascension – all things have been fulfilled and verified as true. The Jews will have to​​ confess​​ that the prophets spoke the truth, for they will witness everything come to an end during the Great Tribulation, the Seventieth​​ Year Week. They shall see Jesus descending from heaven, and this will end Jewry’s long dreary Jesus-rejecting.​​ 

We have a prophet-word on that issue, Hos. 5:15 – as Hosea became the Lord’s voice, saying –

“I will return to My place (heaven)​​ until they​​ acknowledge their offense and feel their guilt and seek My face; in their affliction and distress (Great Tribulation)​​ they will seek, inquire for, and require Me earnestly, saying….”

If anybody have thought that the Jews​​ suffering in the world has been as innocents, that they are victims of the unjust world – but themselves have clean hands, - then we can learn here that this is not true. They are​​ definitively guilty​​ as charged! Jesus simply demand of them to plead guilty and seeking His face (presence) before He can descend from heaven. The tribulation will have them on their knees, for sure.

Gabriel’s final point of prophesy in verse 24, is​​ …and to anoint a Holy of Holies.

In that situation the Lord has come down from heaven, the fourth temple has been built, and finally the Holy of Holies will be anointed in the presence of the Lord and King, Jesus Christ.​​ Let me just give a slight remark: It is saying in some Bible Commentaries that the​​ ‘Holy of Holies’​​ can actually be a person, Jesus Christ​​ (Messiah)​​ **.​​ - However, I think they have misunderstood some and that it really means​​ that room, the most Holy hall in the temple, into which only the High Priests could be given admittance.​​ It will be only one High Priest, Jesus Christ.​​ 

I have taken the liberty​​ to write here a list used by the website​​ versebyversecommentary.com​​ – and they call that list of six points “Purposes for these 490 years”​​ The first three have to do with the sin of Israel and the last three with the kingdom:

  • “To finish the transgression” – this will bring to end the rebellion and apostasy that sent Israel into captivity.

2“To make an end of sins” – Israel as a nation will go back into ​​ fellowship with God after the divine discipline of captivity.

3 “To make reconciliation for iniquity” – restoration will bring  ​​​​ expiation or covering of past sins through the Messiah.

4 “To bring in everlasting righteousness” – God​​ will cause the ​​​​ restoration of​​ ​​ Israel in the Millennium and will launch new norms where righteousness reigns.

5 ​​ “To seal up vision and prophesy” – God will seal this prophesy until the restoration at the Second Coming will fulfill God’s covenant for Israel.​​ (this might be in error, since this is​​ already revealed​​ – the coming Millennia with Christ as king. It is not sealed (hidden from insight).

6 ​​ “To anoint the most Holy” – God will restore the​​ Messiah​​ in the ​​ restored temple. ​​ **​​ (this might be in error)​​ 

Do your own comparison using this list of six points….it can be alright to have more than just one voice into this issue.​​ But in this case, I actually found that site and their comments to Dan. 9:24​​ after​​ that I had written this article. That is why I let you compare it, so you know that I am acting in full openness, letting you see what others might say. What I then found is that most of these points matches my own understanding of the topic, and only point 6 ​​ and perhaps​​ point 5 may differ some. The letters in red has been inserted by me​​ after​​ I read their comments of course. Just to avoid any misunderstanding.

The third temple was destroyed in the tribulation, and​​ a fourth temple – as shown in Ezec. 47​​ are​​ built to replace it. There have been written lots of material on that topic.

This new temple, in which Jesus and His priesthood (Rev. 20:4) shall have their ministry in the millennial kingdom, it says in Scripture that there will grow trees near it with leaves that bring healing from sickness. They grow along the double-creek which springs from the temple area. The special power and blessings of the coming millennia have now come into full effect, and even the biological world with plants and vegetation etc are upgraded and entirely fantastic. ​​ Heb. 6:4, 5 mention this coming power,

“..and have felt how good the Word of God is and the​​ mighty powers of the age and world to come.”

Paul obviously must have had the healings and miracles in mind as he wrote this, I believe. But it will include a changed and upgraded nature as well.

The new temple will be placed near the Mount Olives – which at the arrival of Jesus from heaven​​ will be split into a valley​​ says Zec. 14:4 – it splits toward east and west and will actually alter Mount Olives radically.

One half of the mountain leans toward north, and the other half to the south.

Jerusalem will thus be much​​ altered in her structure, road system and residential areas.

As we take time to read of Daniel and all those things the Lord revealed to him as the angel Gabriel visited him over the many years – we just have to sit in awe and admiration of our Lord Jesus Christ. This must have totally filled Daniel’s life with so many impressions as a man can take;​​ he was totally given over to God in faith and in prayer. God gave this prophet extra power to endure all those years. See Dan. 10:16-18.​​ It is among scholars held for true that the prophet died at the age of around 90 years.


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