Book of Acts Proves That the Church-Dispensation
Had Not Yet Started!

MICHAEL PENNY  –  probably the Bible Expositor I find agreeing with the most, regarding Bible beliefs. In this one hour video he goes through the Acts, so you can understand what it really is about: A story only concerning the Jews, and eventual proselytes and  Gentile ‘God Fearers’ at that time. You cannot find the Church, the One New Man in Acts. The Church emerged AFTER the Book of Acts was closed. This particular video-lecture will luckily open Your possibility to find more Michael Penny videos on Youtube to enlighten Your Bible view!  

With Regards, JAN LILLEBY.

Where Young-Earth Creationism
Gets the Bible Wrong

This educational Biblically correct video on Creationism is a ‘Must See’ for all those who loves and studies the Holy Bible.

Rich Deem of the website GodAndScience.org teaches in a well founded and thorough way how it really took place as God created it all! 

As a bonus, you will also learn how it is that the flood/Noah was a local and not a Global flood. 

To Young-Earth believers:  Rest assured of the fact that I respect you all, and Your work for the Lord is appreciated. All those who believes on Jesus Christ are considered by me as friends and colleagues, even if we can hold different views on topics in the Bible.  We are saved by faith, and not by Works or by knowledge, thank God! Eph. 2:8.


Into Darkness – Jehova’s Witnesses History

This video from YouTube is one of the best reviews on the Satanic cult known as Jehova’s Witnesses.

It’s history exposes a vast number of madenning heretical and abusive use of Bible Words and doctrines. So

intricate and seductive and evil-minded that we easily understand that the ‘Mastermind’ behind this cult is

not only human, but rather it is of Satanic origin.  Brace yourself – and dare to watch this educating video!